You asked: Can a 17 year old travel alone to Mexico?

In accordance with Mexico regulations, the minors under the age of 18 entering/departing Mexico without their parent/guardian are required to prepare the official document. … ・Passengers aged between 14-17 travelling alone can use ANA Airport Support if the parent/guardian wishes to request assistance.

Can a 17 year old go to Mexico without a passport?

Traveling by Land

Issued by the U.S. Department of State, a passport card is a substitute credit-card sized and valid for entry into Mexico by land or sea. Children under 16 years of age may re-enter the United States via ground with a legal document (naturalization certificate or birth certificate).

What does a 17 year old need for Mexico?

For U.S. citizens heading south of the border with a minor, the child needs a valid U.S. passport for air travel into the country; a passport card suffices for entry by land or sea. Things are simple and straightforward if both parents or legal guardians are traveling into Mexico with their child.

Can a 17 year old travel alone internationally?

General Age Guidelines for Unaccompanied Minors

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A child must be at least 5 to fly solo. … Anyone under the age of 17 who is flying alone on an international flight may be required to produce a signed letter of consent from a parent or responsible adult.

Can you travel to Mexico under 18?

Mexico travel

It is required for minors (under age 18) who are traveling without a parent or legal guardian to carry a letter of consent if the minor traveler is a citizen of Mexico, permanent resident of Mexico, or temporary resident of Mexico (e.g. on a student visa). … The minor’s original birth certificate.

Can I cross the border at 17?

Passengers 17 years old and younger traveling alone may not cross the US-Canadian border regardless of ID or notarized letter, unless accompanied by another passenger who is at least 18 years old. … A child 16 – 17 who is a citizen or legal resident of the United States may return home to the United States.

Is there a quarantine traveling to Mexico?

Mexico is open to travelers. There is no need to provide a negative PCR test or quarantine on arrival, though most resorts ask guests to fill out health questionnaires. … The CDC advises travelers to be fully vaccinated before traveling to Mexico.

Can minors fly alone on Volaris?

Children from 5 to 11 years old traveling alone are considered unaccompanied minors and can only travel using Volaris is With You. … In both cases, minors must come to the Volaris check-in counter with someone over the age of 18 and with their printed boarding pass.

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Can a 16 year old cross the border alone?

United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requests written consent from both parents or the parent who is not accompanying the minor for minors (those less than 18 years of age) traveling to the U.S. alone or accompanied by only one parent. This written consent must be in English.

Can a minor travel to Mexico with a birth certificate?

When U.S. citizen children under the age of 16 arrive by land or sea from Canada or Mexico they may present an original or copy of their birth certificate, a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or a Naturalization Certificate.

Do I need permission to travel with my child to Mexico?

In order to prevent international child abductions, Mexican law requires that minors traveling without their parents, or with only one parent, present proof that they have their parents’ authorization for travel. They should carry a notarized letter from the absent parent or parents authorizing travel into Mexico.

Can a minor go to another country alone?

Minors may be able to travel to another country without either one of their parents. They may however require a notarized written consent letter from both parents.