How long does it take to get a work visa in Dominican Republic?

How do I get a work visa for the Dominican Republic?

Requirements to Obtain Dominican Republic Work Visas

  1. Completed visa application form.
  2. Passport that will be valid for the duration of the applicant’s stay in the Dominican Republic.
  3. Medical certificate.
  4. Passport photograph.
  5. Police background check from their country of residence.

How long does it take to get a visa in the Dominican Republic?

Although visa processing time is typically three working days, processing time for specific cases may vary due to individual circumstances and other special requirements.

How long does it take for a work visa to be approved?

In general, it takes about 150–210 days (5–7 months) for USCIS to process work permit applications. (Previously, USCIS processed work permit applications within 90 days, but a growing backlog has caused additional delays.)

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Do I need a work visa to work in the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic doesn’t require a work permit and doesn’t offer a work visa. In order to work abroad in this country, you simply have to be a resident. Becoming a resident is a relatively straightforward process, as long as you can handle the significant amount of paperwork.

How much does it cost to get a visa from Dominican Republic?

How Much Does Dominican Republic Visas Cost? Dominican Republic visa costs can vary based on type of visa requested and length of stay. Generally, visas start around $150. Visa fees do not include service fees, postage or other related items.

How long can I stay in Dominican Republic without a visa?

At this moment probably you are thinking if you need a Dominican Republic visa. And the answer is no, US citizens visiting the Dominican Republic don’t need a visa for stays of less than 30 days. However, you need a Dominican Republic tourist card.

How long does it take to get an immigrant visa interview?

Once you’ve sent your supporting documents, it generally takes 1-2 months before your visa interview is scheduled. You’ll receive a notice from either the NVC or your local U.S. consulate informing you of your interview time and date.

How long can you stay in Dominican Republic?

Tourist cards normally permit a legal stay of up to 30 days. Visitors who would like to extend their time in the Dominican Republic should visit the Migration Department in Santo Domingo and request an extention. Failure to request an extention will subject the visitor to a surcharge at the airport upon departure.

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Is immigration Open in Dominican Republic?

The United States Embassy in Santo Domingo has resumed limited immigrant and nonimmigrant visa services. For more information on the categories being processed at this time, please visit Visas | U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic (

Can you get a green card with a work visa?

You can become a permanent resident through consular processing. This is when USCIS works with the Department of State to issue an immigrant visa based on an approved Form I-140, Form I-360, or Form I-526 when an immigrant visa is available for a specific employment-based visa category and country.

How long does the visa process take?

It takes from 3 to 5 weeks for a US visa application to get processed. After the processing, the applicant can get a positive reply on their application, and the consulate will deliver the document. The delivery of the visa can take up to two other workdays.

How much does a work visa cost?

The application fees are listed below and apply to one visa application. The application fee for the most common nonimmigrant visa types is US$160. This includes tourist, business, student, and exchange visas. Most petition-based visas, such as work and religious visas, are US$190.

Is it easy to get a job in Dominican Republic?

It may seem difficult for you at first to find work in the Dominican Republic. However, employers are usually quite flexible and might even be happy to hire expats. Nevertheless, it’s always better to have a job secured before moving to the DR.

How can I live and work in Dominican Republic?

In order to work in the country, you simply need to hold a residence permit, either a temporary or a permanent one. Your temporary permit entitles you to live and work in the Dominican Republic for up to a year, at the end of which you are eligible to reapply.

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How do I get temporary residency in Dominican Republic?

If you would like to live in the Dominican Republic you can apply to the Migration Office of your local Dominican Consulate for “provisional residency” via a temporary residency permit. Temporary residency permits are valid for 1 year.