How do Hays Travel make money?

Hays makes its money from the commission it receives as a travel agent, as well as from selling currency and its work as a tour operator.

Do Hays Travel get commission?

High Targets, No Real Commission Structure as a Sales Job.

Are Hays Travel going bust?

Hays Travel is to close 89 shops overall as part of a “planned consolidation of its UK retail estate”. It is offering options for alternative work to 388 staff affected. The company had deferred reviewing the performance of the former Thomas Cook shops it acquired in October 2019 to see if business returned in 2021.

Are Hays Travel in debt?

Hays Travel is a different animal to the souped-up, debt-fuelled, bonus-happy beasts of the City, such as Thomas Cook and Carillion. The travel agent and tour operator has no debts and the couple haven’t paid themselves a dividend for more than 10 years.

How much are Hays Travel worth?

The group of shops was rebranded as Hays Travel and the network expanded significantly – they now have 44 branches, an annual turnover of £63 million, and employ 197 people.

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Do Hays pay sick pay?

As a PAYE temporary worker you may be entitled to receive Statutory Sick Pay if you have been off sick for 4 days or more in a row. However SSP is not paid for the first 3 qualifying days (qualifying days being those days you would normally have been working in your assignment).

Are Hays travel a good company to work for?

Great travel opportunities and they really celebrate good work. Only left due to salary being quite low and no benefits like sick pay. Great company to work for.

What happened to John Hays?

John Hays died in November after collapsing at his Hays Travel’s Sunderland head office. Dame Irene said messages of support had given her a “determination” to carry her husband’s “wonderful legacy on into the future”. Hays Travel bought 555 Thomas Cook shops in 2019 when that company failed.

How do I get my money back from Hays Travel?

We will issue the refund within 14 days of receiving the cancellation invoice from your supplier, however at present this is taking up to 6 weeks. If you have not heard back from us within the timescales quoted then please contact your local branch or agent where you originally booked your holiday.

Who did Hays Travel take over?

On 5 September 2020, Hays Travel acquired Tailor Made Travel, a Welsh chain of travel agencies with approximately 100 employees, then announced the closure of 11 of the 19 shops a month later.

How much did Hays Travel pay for Thomas Cook shops?

// Thomas Cook collapsed with a massive debt pile

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During a parliamentary hearing yesterday around last month’s collapse of Thomas Cook, MPs were told by the Insolvency Service that Hays Travel paid just over £6 million to buy the 555 Thomas Cook shops – working out at only £10,800 for each site.

Do Hays Travel Own Thomas Cook?

Hays Travel has acquired the entire retail portfolio of over 555 former Thomas Cook shops in the UK after it signed a deal with the Official Receiver and Special Managers at KPMG on the 9th October 2019. This includes 22 high street shops across Northern Ireland, 20 of which have opened their doors already.

Did Hays buy Thomas Cook?

When Thomas Cook collapsed its estate of 555 stores were all snapped up, together with staff, by Sunderland’s Hays Travel. The reinvented Thomas Cook employs around 50 people and retains the brand’s logo.

Who is the biggest travel company in the UK?


Rank Company Authority
1 BRIT British Airways 87
2 BKNG 95
3 EASE easyJet 86

How many branches do Hays Travel have?

The group of shops was rebranded as Hays Travel and the network expanded significantly – they now have 44 branches, an annual turnover of £63 million, and employ 197 people.

How many shops do Hays Travel have?

Hays Travel is the largest independent travel retailer in the UK. We have been operating for 40 years with nearly 450 branches across the country.