Frequent question: How do I get a visa for Eritrea?

How much does a visa cost for Eritrea?

Eritrea Tourist visa fees for citizens of United States of America

Type of visa Embassy fee Service fee
Single entry (30 days stay) $50.00 $99.00
Single entry (30 days stay) $50.00 $99.00
Single entry (30 days stay) $0.00 $209.00
Single entry (30 days stay) $70.00 $209.00

Do you need a visa to visit Eritrea?

Do I need a visa when traveling to Eritrea? Yes. Everyone must present either their original Eritrean National ID or a valid entry visa upon entry to Eritrea.

Can foreigners visit Eritrea?

Eritrea – Level 4: Do Not Travel

Do not travel to Eritrea due to COVID-19, travel restrictions, limited consular assistance, and landmines. Read the Department of State’s COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel. … Eritrean law enforcement officials routinely block access to foreign nationals in detention.

How long can you stay in Eritrea?

The Eritrea visa is typically valid for multiple entries within a three month period from the date of issue. The visa allows for a maximum of 30 days stay per entry.

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Can I get visa on arrival in Eritrea?

Holders of a confirmation of a pre-arranged visa can obtain a visa on arrival, provided the sponsor in Eritrea submits a request to the Eritrean Immigration Authority 48 hours prior to arrival.

How long is Eritrea visa?

Please be advised that visa processing time may take up to four weeks and visa validity is 90 days from the date of Issue. Tourist Visa allows only one month of stay from the day of arrival to Eritrea. Visa Extension is available at the Immigration Office in Asmara.

How strong is Eritrean passport?

As of 02 July 2019, Eritrean citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 38 countries and territories, ranking the Eritrean passport 101st in terms of travel freedom (tied with the passports of Bangladesh, Iran, Lebanon and North Korea) according to the Henley Passport Index.

How do I get to Eritrea?

The one and the ONLY way to arrive in Eritrea is by flight, and the ONLY international airport is Asmara International Airport, just outside Asmara (the capital of the country).

How long does it take to get to Eritrea?

An average nonstop flight from the United States to Eritrea takes 33h 59m, covering a distance of 7699 miles. The most popular route is Houston – Asmara with an average flight time of 42h 00m.

Is Eritrea expensive?

Overall, Eritrea is cheap but, in a country in which most people earn less than 50USD, this is a very expensive country, much more than traveling in Ethiopia.

Can you own land in Eritrea?

The basic tenet of land policy in Eritrea is that all land is owned by the state; therefore, every legal right on land must be granted by the Eritrean government.

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Is it safe to go to Eritrea?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM. Overall, Eritrea is safe to visit if you avoid some parts of the country. Still exercise caution as petty and violent crimes do exist although they aren’t too common.

How can I get Eritrean passport?

A complete application form Passport Application Form (Original form can be obtained by contacting the Consulate Office) Two passport– size photographs Accepted photos. Clear copy of Eritrean ID (Both sides) Evidence of up-to-date recovery tax payment clearance.

How can I get Eritrean ID?

According to a European Asylum Support Office (EASO) report on Eritrea, in order to obtain a national identity card, “[a]pplicants must submit a supporting letter from their kebabi [municipality] administration, a birth certificate and proof of Eritrean citizenship (the identity cards of their parents or three …

Is there American Embassy in Eritrea?

The Embassy of the United States of America in Asmara is located at 179 Alaa Street, P.O. Box 211, Asmara, Eritrea. The telephone number is (+291)1-12-00-04, fax: (+291)1-12-75-84.