Why is World Tourism celebrated on 27th September?

World Tourism Day has been held on 27 September each year since 1980. The date marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Statutes of the Organization in 1970, paving the way for the establishment of UNWTO five years later.

Why is World Tourism Day celebrated?

World Tourism Day is celebrated to raise awareness on the importance of tourism and how it affects the social, cultural, political and economic values internationally. 90% of the world heritage sites are closed due to the pandemic last year. This left people in rural communities unemployed and on the brink of poverty.

Which day is celebrated on 27th September?

World Tourism Day is annually celebrated on 27 September to highlight the importance of tourism which helps in generating employment and build a future for millions of people around the world.

What is the theme of the World tourism Day 2020 celebrated on September 27?

Tourism for inclusive growth. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive social and economic impact. Both developed and developing economies have been hit. And marginalized groups and the most vulnerable have been hit hardest of all.

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When was first tourism Day was celebrated?

The UNWTO celebrated the first World Tourism Day on 27 September, 1980, to mark the occasion of its establishment. Ever since then, the day has been marked across the world. This year, the theme of World Tourism Day is “Tourism for Inclusive Growth,” focusing on growth and inclusive recovery.

Who is father of tourism?

Thomas Cook, (born November 22, 1808, Melbourne, Derbyshire, England—died July 18, 1892, Leicester, Leicestershire), English innovator of the conducted tour and founder of Thomas Cook and Son, a worldwide travel agency. Cook can be said to have invented modern tourism.

What is the theme of World Tourism Day in 2021?

Theme of World Tourism Day 2021

This year the theme of World Tourism Day is ‘Tourism for Inclusive Growth’. It aims to help people associated with the tourism sector in every possible way.

What happened on 27th September in India?

What Happened in India on September 27? India’s Supreme Court overturned the 158-year old rule, of section 497. Thus, decriminalizing adultery as it was considered to be discriminatory against women.

Who proposed the idea of marking September 27 of every year as World Tourism Day?

The late Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi, a Nigerian national, was the one who proposed the idea of marking September 27 of every year as World Tourism Day. He was finally recognized for his contribution in 2009.

How is tourism defined by the World Tourism Organization?

In order to prevent the disaccords to define “Tourism”, UNWTO defined it as indicated below; “Tourism comprises the activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes.” Tourism is different from travel.

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What is the Colour theme for the World Tourism Day?

The colour of World Tourism Day is Blue. In 1997, the UNWTO decided to designate a host country to act as its partner to celebrate the day.

Which country will host the official celebration of World Tourism Day 2021?

World Tourism Day 2021 is hosted by Cote d’Ivoire, a culturally rich and unique coastal country in Western Africa.