What jobs can foreigners do in Turkey?

Generally, foreigners are employed in positions such as Customer Service Responsible, Foreign Language Teaching, Babysitting, Editor and Translation, Import-Export Sales Specialist.

What jobs can foreigners get in Turkey?

Finding Jobs in Turkey: Holiday Reps, Teaching English & Internet Freelancing

  • Teach English as a Second Language. …
  • Holiday Companies. …
  • Au Pair Jobs in Turkey. …
  • Internet Freelancing. …
  • Hotel Work in Turkey. …
  • Working Permits for Jobs in Turkey. …
  • The Best Place to Find a Job in Turkey.

How can a foreigner get a job in Turkey?

How To Find a Job in Turkey as a Foreigner

  1. Kariyer: Kariyer.net is currently the largest job search website in Turkey. …
  2. Eleman: Eleman.net is not as popular as Kariyer, but it is worth checking out. …
  3. Indeed: Indeed, the big job website in the United States has a bunch of opportunities in Turkey, particularly Istanbul.

How can I get job in Turkey?

These documents are:

  1. Completed Turkey work visa application form.
  2. Your valid passport. …
  3. Two photos. …
  4. Police clearance certificate. …
  5. Job offer or contract. …
  6. Sworn translation or an official certified translation of the diploma or provisional graduation certificate.
  7. Diploma or Provisional Graduation Equivalency Certificate.
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What jobs pay well in Turkey?

The highest paying jobs in Turkey

Occupation Salary
Financial Manager From 8160 to 25300 Turkish liras
Orthodontist From 7870 to 24400 Turkish liras
University Professor From 6990 to 21700 Turkish liras
Pilot From 5830 to 18100 Turkish liras

Can a foreigner Work in Turkey?

The Legal Occupations that Foreigners can Work in Turkey

Foreigners in Turkey has the right to work in many business sectors. International companies have job opportunities for foreign nationals who speak more than one language in fields such as management, marketing, sales, technical information and translation.

Can I live permanently in Turkey?

In order to be considered eligible for permanent residency status in Turkey, foreigners must have legally and continuously resided in Turkey for a minimum period of eight years. You may also be able to apply for permanent residency if you start a business or purchase a property in Turkey.

Is it difficult to find a job in Turkey?

For most jobs, yes. However, if you’re planning to teach English and you’re a native speaker of the language, it’s actually very easy to get a job right now. Most of the foreigners have left the country, but the demand for their services has increased. Some major private schools are finding difficult to fill positions.

Can I work in Turkey with tourist visa?

From yearly 52 million Tourist visa visits, only 80.000 foreigners enter Turkey by Work visas. For example the foreigner to find employment in Turkey and invited to work, must apply together with the Turkish company sponsor for process to enter Turkey and start to work.

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How much is rent in Turkey?

By far, the most significant expense, wherever you live in Turkey is rent. On the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, expect to pay between 1.500 TL to 2.000 TL a month for a basic two-bedroom apartment.

Is Istanbul cheap or expensive?

When compared to many major cities in the world and in Europe prices, Istanbul isn’t too expensive. It is expensive relative to the other destinations in EU such as Poland, Romania or Bulgaria.

What is the best job in Turkey?

Degrees that Guarantee a Job in Turkey

  • Chief Financial Officers (Accounting and Business administration degree)
  • Orthodontists (Medicine and health related degrees)
  • College Professors.
  • Pilots (aeronautic engineering)
  • Marketing Directors (Accounting and Business administration degree)

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Turkey?

Ideally, you need at least 10,000 lira a month if you own property and do not have to pay rent. However, head to many other places in Turkey where the cost of living is cheaper, and you need on average 7,000 lira a month.

What jobs are most in demand in Turkey?

There is an exam in Turkey, there are 2 million people in this exam and based on the results here are the most demanded professions : Medicine. Engineering.

Jobs that are needed most:

  • Textile workers.
  • Sales representatives.
  • Physical workers.
  • Waiters.
  • Drivers.
  • Security.
  • Cleaning jobs.
  • Accountants.

Can I teach English in Turkey?

In order to teach English in Turkey, most teachers will require TEFL certification. Some schools may require prior teaching experience and/or a university degree. The average salary for teaching in Turkey is $500 – $1,150 per month.

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