What documents are needed for student visa in Poland?

How much bank statement is required for Poland student visa?

How Much Bank Balance Is Required For Poland Student Visa? An average of 13,000 USD is required as bank balance in the name of the applicant who wishes to study in Poland. This amount is excluded from the tuition fees, living charges, and visa application fee for the individual applying for the Poland student visa.

What are the documents required for student visa?

Documents required for a US student visa

A valid passport that is valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the US (unless exempt by country specific agreements) Acceptance at a SEVP approved school and your Form I-20. Application fee payment for the SEVIS.

Is it hard to get a Poland student visa?

The process of obtaining a Polish visa is not difficult and problematic if everything is well prepared. Student visa of Poland has its own certain requirement that are easy, normal and basic just like any other country.

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How long does it take to get a student visa for Poland?

Your visa application should take no longer than 15 days to be reviewed, but you’re advised to submit your documents early to account for any delay.

Can I bring my family to Poland on student visa?

Such individuals can enter Poland on the basis of a visa (if it is required) or a residence card issued by another EU member state. If however their stay is going to exceed 3 months, a family member living in Poland has to apply for a long-term EU-resident card to the relevant Voivodeship Office.

Is ielts required for Poland student visa?

In Poland, on the contrary of other countries, an IELTS or a TOEFL certification is not mandatory. However, proof of English knowledge is needed.

Which is the easiest country to get student visa?

Easiest Countries to Get Student Visa:

  • Australia.
  • Canada.
  • UK.
  • USA.
  • New Zealand.

How do embassies verify documents?

How would an embassy verify that? The document should be printed on college letterhead that most people would not have, and signed by authorized personnel with proper contact information. If the embassy has concerns, they can contact the college.

Is birth certificate required for study visa?

5) Birth certificate: A birth certificate issued by the government authorised body. 6) Valid Passport: You must have a valid passport to apply for the visa. 7) Complete visa application: A completed visa application is a must.

What is Polish student visa called?

The type D visa allows you to stay in Poland for one year, so you will need to apply for a temporary residence permit in order to stay for longer, for example, if you’re studying a three-year bachelor’s program.

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Can I stay in Poland after graduation?

As a graduate of a Polish higher education institution full-time program, you don’t need a permit to work here. Just make sure your stay permit is in order. You can stay back for further 2-3 years as long as you can prove that you can financially support yourself without seeking any government benefits.

How much can a student make in Poland?

In Poland, most of the internships are paid. Usually, the salary varies between 18,30 (the legal minimum payment) and 25 Zlotys per hour. If you work part-time, the salary would be around 1600 Zlotys. If you work full time, the average salary is 3200 Zlotys.

Why do student visas get rejected?

Common Reasons behind Student Visa Rejection

Lack of sufficient financial funds and proofs to support foreign education. Inability of confirming a necessary return to India after completion of education. Incorrect / false documents. … Misbehaviour during the visa interview.

Can I get work permit after study in Poland?

The temporary residence permit can be issued once, directly after graduation for a period of 9 months. Processing of the permit usually takes a month. As a graduate of a Polish University, you do not need a work permit to start working.

How much does university cost in Poland?

Otherwise, international students are required to pay tuition fees, which are typically in the range of US$2,230-4,180 per year at public universities in Poland. Fees at private universities in Poland will be slightly higher; depending on your course and the institution, the fees could be up to US$6,600 a year.

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