Question: What is the moral of the story The Accidental Tourist?

The story is based on the theme that it is important to be well-planned and organised while travelling. In the absence of preparations before setting off, the traveller is bound to encounter accidents. Bill Bryson carried jumbled articles in his bag while travelling and in the process misplaced the most important ones.

What is the meaning of The Accidental Tourist?

Answer: Somehow, to us, the expression “accidental tourist” has lost its original meaning and has come to represent someone who travels by himself, without resorting to travel organizations, and whose trips are unplanned.

Why do you think the writer said that living in the real world is perhaps the most outstanding?

Ans: The writer, Bill Bryson, thinks that the ‘most outstanding thing’ he is not good at is living in the real world. This reveals that he is so lost in his own thoughts that he fails to conduct himself like a normal person and ends up causing accidents.

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Why does the writer say living in the real world is challenging for him?

Why does the writer say ‘living in the real world’ is challenging for him? Answer: He says this because he has had several experiences of doing something wrong in instances where normal people have no problems.

What happened when the narrator leaned over to tie a shoe lace?

Once on a flight, he leaned forward to tie his shoelace when the person on the seat ahead of him put it in full recline, thus, banging the author’s head with the back of his seat.

Who is the writer of the lesson The Accidental Tourist ‘?

“The Accidental Tourist” is a lesson written by Bill Bryson. It is a chapter extracted from Bryson’s collection of travel articles called “Notes from a Big Country” (1998).

How does Bill Bryson end up in a?

Once when he was travelling in an aeroplane, he leaned over to tie a shoelace at the same moment when someone in the seat ahead of him threw his seat back into full recline. That was when he found himself pinned helplessly in the ‘crash position’.

Why does the author calls himself The Accidental Tourist?

Answer : The author, Bill Bryson, is the accidental tourist. He is called so because he is prone to committing accidents while travelling. He would do everything wrong whenever he would be travelling anywhere.

What is the significance of the title The Accidental Tourist Support your answer with two examples?

the title signifies the accidental nature of bill Bryson who is a frequent flyer . He creates a lot of chaos while travelling and his attempts to be suave end up in vain. He is quite mismanaged and never does anything properly. In this chapter he recounts the accidents he experienced while travelling.

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How did the accidental tourist annoy the lady in the plane?

On another occasion, he knocked a soft drink onto the lap of a lady sting beside him. The flight attendant cleaned her up and brought him a replacement drink. He knocked it onto the woman again, who of course was very angry and annoyed.

How does the author’s teeth and gums become blue in The Accidental Tourist?

ANSWER : Bryson’s teeth and gums look navy blue because Bryson Keep sucking at the end of his pen and the pen leaks and give him navy blue teeth and gums while writing down his thoughts in a notebook. **This story ‘The accidental tourist’ was written by Bill Bryson.

How did the writer free himself from the crash position?

He had to claw at the leg of the man sitting next tohim in order to get himself freed.

Why did Bill not get his airmiles?

The author does not get any free air miles for his flight to Australia because there is difference in his name on the ticket and on the card. While the ticket is in the name of Bill Bryson, the card states William Bryson. The author feels satisfied with it because he can’t go that long without eating.