How can a foreigner get a driver’s license in Dubai?

Can foreigners get driving license in UAE?

Driving licenses in the UAE

Legally, passport holders who are from key countries (see the full list here), can simply transfer their unexpired driver’s license to a UAE one. Passport holders from all other countries, however, must start from the beginning and obtain a UAE license to legally drive in the country.

How much does it cost to get a driving license in Dubai?

How much does it cost to get a licence in Dubai? This can be between Dh4,500 and Dh7,000 (if you pass in the first attempt in the final road test), depending on driving institute that you choose for training. RTA has approved seven driving institutes in Dubai to conduct training.

Can foreigner drive in Dubai?

Can I drive in Dubai as a tourist? You can drive as a non-resident, as long as you have an international driving licence. You can hire a car while in Dubai, providing you’re over the age of 21 andhave a valid international driving licence and credit card.

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How can I get driving license in Dubai?

The Dubai driving licence process is simple but rigorous.

  1. Get your eye test done. …
  2. Register at an RTA approved driving school in Dubai and submit all relevant documents.
  3. Obtain your temporary Dubai driving licence or learner’s permit and begin training.

How long does it take to get drivers license in Dubai?

It usually takes anywhere from 3–9 months for someone to get a drivers license in Dubai. All training institutes cost the same and they are quite professional. You can opt for Emirates Driving institute, Be Hasa etc.

Can an American drive in Dubai?

A U.S. driver’s license is valid in the UAE, but only for non-resident visitors. If you have a residency visa, such as might be the case for students or those in the UAE in business, you must get either a local driver’s license or already have an international driver’s license.

Which countries driving license can be exchanged in UAE?

Countries that can exchange their driving licence in the UAE

  • Australia.
  • Austria.
  • Bahrain.
  • Belgium.
  • Canada*
  • Cyprus*
  • Czech Republic*
  • Denmark.

How can I pass my driving test in Dubai?

6 Important Tips to Pass the Driving Test in Dubai

  1. Make the Initial Adjustments Quickly. …
  2. Don’t Apply Sudden Brakes. …
  3. Stay Calm When You are Asked to Drive the Car. …
  4. Be Careful While Changing the Lanes. …
  5. Follow the Instructions of Examiner. …
  6. Don’t Press the Accelerator in Neutral.

What is UAE Driving License No 3?

3) (Capable of driving 4.2 ton pick-up)

Do I need an international driver’s license in Dubai?

UAE citizens and residents who intend to drive in a foreign country are required to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP) while in the UAE.

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Can Tourist drive private car in Dubai?

Dubai Police says that visitors to Dubai may drive both private or rental vehicles if they hold either an international driving licence or a licence from countries accepting the UAE driver’s licenses.

Can you drive in Dubai without license?

Article 51 of the UAE traffic law stipulates that a person who drives a vehicle without a driving licence, or drives a vehicle he/she is not licensed to drive shall be jailed for up to three months, or fined up to Dh5,000, or both.

How can I get international driving license?

The following documents are to be submitted to RTO to get International Driving Licence.

  1. Valid driving Licence & its copies.
  2. Recent passport size photographs – 3 Nos.
  3. Valid proof such as Passport & its copies.
  4. Proof of Visa and its copies.
  5. Copy of Air ticket for verification.
  6. Receipt for payment of fees.

Can I get UAE driving license on visit visa?

Answer 2: A GCC national is allowed to drive with his own driving licence as long as he is on a visit trip but if he is working and living in the UAE, then he must exchange the driving licence.

How do I apply for an international driving Licence?

Steps to get International Driving License (IDP):

  1. Submit your documents online.
  2. Pay Drivekool service charge online.
  3. Visit RTO and meet Drivekool executive.
  4. Complete your International Driving Permit (IDP) process by giving biometric test in RTO.
  5. Get your Driving license within 1-3 working days via post.