Frequent question: What is foreign policy class 10?

What is Foreign Policy? Answer: The policy adopted by a nation while dealing with other nations is called foreign policy.

What are the features of Indian foreign policy class 10?

Mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. Mutual non – aggression. Mutual non – interference in each other’s internal affairs. Mutual assistance and equality.

What are the aim of India’s foreign policy?

In short, our Foreign policy has at least four important goals : 1. to protect India from traditional and non-traditional threats; 2. to create an external environment which is conducive for an inclusive development of India so that the benefits of growth can reach the poorest of the poor in the country; 3. to ensure …

What is disarmament Class 10 Kseeb?

Answer: Disarmament means reduction or elimination of certain or all armaments for the purpose of ending the race for armaments.

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What is policy of assertion Kseeb?

Answer: In ordered to understand the aspirations of Indians representation was given to Indians is called as “Policy of assertion”. Indians were nominated to the council of viceroy as non – official members.

What is foreign policy Class 10 answer?

What is Foreign Policy? Answer: The policy adopted by a nation while dealing with other nations is called foreign policy.

What do you mean by foreign policy?

foreign policy, general objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states. The development of foreign policy is influenced by domestic considerations, the policies or behaviour of other states, or plans to advance specific geopolitical designs.

What is the main purpose of a foreign policy?

The main objective of foreign policy is to use diplomacy — or talking, meeting, and making agreements — to solve international problems. They try to keep problems from developing into conflicts that require military settlements. The President almost always has the primary responsibility for shaping foreign policy.

Who introduced foreign policy in India?

From the late 1920s on, Jawaharlal Nehru, who had a long-standing interest in world affairs among independence leaders, formulated the Congress stance on international issues. As Prime Minister and Minister of External Affairs from 1947, Nehru articulated India’s approach to the world.

What is India’s foreign policy class 12?

Objectives Of India’s Foreign Policy

To promote international peace and security. To maintain just and honorable relations between nations. Foster respect for international law and treaty obligations in the dealings of organized people with one another.

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What disarmament means?

Disarmament is the act of reducing, limiting, or abolishing weapons. Disarmament generally refers to a country’s military or specific type of weaponry. Disarmament is often taken to mean total elimination of weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear arms.

What is apartheid 2nd PUC?

Answer: Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, caste, colour and gender is called Apartheid.

What are the reasons for tensions between India and Pakistan Kseeb?

The reasons for tension between India and Pakistan are:

  • Military Dictatorship and political instability in Pakistan.
  • Kashmir problem between the two countries.
  • The threat of terrorism to India from Pakistan.

What is policy of assertion for Class 10?

the policy of assertion is specific policy requirements or properties of a Web service. Apolicy assertion is a basic unit representing an individual requirement, capability or property in a policy.

What is policy of Association Class 10?

The correct option is A British associating Indians in administration and law making. One of the fallouts of the 1857 Revolt was the Policy of Association. With this, the British carried out changes, like involving Indians in legislation and administration of the territories. Suggest corrections. 0 Upvotes.

What is division Labour Kseeb?

What is division of labour? Answer: Division of labour means the work being done by people depending on certain specified factors such as area of interest taste, ability age, expertise, skills gender and special attainments.